The magazine published by APWS had its beginning in 1975. The Board of Directors decided to discontinue the APWS Bulletin and to begin publishing the AP & WS Magazine. George Searles agreed to serve as Editor. The first issue was published October, 1975, and featured a congratulatory message from Dr. Jean Delacour, President Emeritus of the Society. Prior to that time, Society news and the annual year book had been printed in Modern Game Breeding Magazine. In 1964, Thane Earle became editor of the American Pheasant Society Bulletin, a monthly publication. George Searles also served as Bulletin editor. In 1972, W. Munstenteiger was appointed Bulletin Editor and Marie Lint, Circulation Manager. The Bulletin continued to be printed bi-monthly until it was replaced by the APWS Magazine.

APWS has been fortunate to have Editors who took their responsibility seriously. Since the beginning of the APWS Magazine in 1975, there have only been six editors: George Searles 1975 to 1985, Lloyd & Bev Ure 1986 to 2005, Janet Trader 2005 to 2014, Ian Gereg 2015-2017 and Lisa Tate 2021to and Cathy Goss 2022 to Present.

The magazine contains articles on all facets of bird breeding, on individual bird species, and news of interest written by APWS members, APWS directors, and other interested individuals.

Your APWS magazine features the classified advertisements of the bird breeders around the world, the bird/s they have to sell, and those they want to purchase.

Within our magazine advertisements you can find information regarding game birds, waterfowl, incubators, hatchers, brooders, carrying and shipping containers, cage and pen materials, landscaping ponds, miscellaneous supplies, and the list goes on. Take advantage of the many companies who advertise each month. Write, or call for their catalogs. You can take your time and do some comparative armchair shopping.

The best advice we can give any member is read everything you can, listen and talk about all species of birds, contact other APWS members and directors, attend local club meetings, bird sales, bird shows, and conventions.