**APWS 2023 Annual Convention

November 2 – 4 2023


Pinola Conservancy Aviary

Paul Dickson, Owner and Jacob Kraemer, Aviary Director

Shreveport, Louisiana


Bayou Bird Farm – Kelly McMullin and Timothy Bora

Princeton, Louisiana


PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be registered to attend. Registration Forms will be sent out upon requests and information will be listed in the magazine, on the APWS Facebook and Website. Hotel and Transportation Information will be posted as well. You can contact Janet Trader, APWS Convention Chair for more information at

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Cut-Off Date October 11, 2023 – Registration is Closed – Pictures to Follow After Convention




APWS Members Enjoying the 2022 Convention – Connecticut -New York – Maine




APWS 2018 CONVENTION ~ Montreal and Québec Canada
September 30 ~ October 5, 2018 ~ Hosts: Clément Pagé and Jean Bourassa

The entire APWS Group at Jean Bourassa’s