APWS 2023 Annual Convention

November 2 – 4 2023


Pinola Conservancy Aviary

Paul Dickson, Owner and Jacob Kraemer, Aviary Director


Bayou Bird Farm – Kelly McMullin and Timothy Bora

Shreveport, Louisiana


PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be registered to attend. Registration Forms will be sent out upon requests and information will be listed in the magazine, on the APWS Facebook and Website. Hotel and Transportation Information will be posted as well. You can contact Janet Trader, APWS Convention Chair for more information at

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Thursday, November 2, 2023  

Arrivals, Board Meeting, Group Dinner TBA


Friday, November 3, 2023  

Tour at Pinola Conservancy Aviary and Speaker

Lunch Details to be Announced

Other Tour To Be Announced – Possible Stop at Bayou Pierre for Birdwatching

Group Dinner and Benefit Auction


Saturday, November 4, 2023   

Tour at Bayou Bird Farm

Picnic Lunch on the Red River

Red River National Wildlife Refuge Tour (Sandhill and  Whooping  Crane Flyway)

Story Trail (30 Minute Walk)                                                          

Speaker: Terri Jacobson, Biologist and Lea Park Ranger – Birds of the Refuge



“Pinola is a private aviary containing many species of birds located near Shreveport, Louisiana.

We are a private aviary in Louisiana. Nearly three hundred species of many families of birds from all over the earth find a home here, from the critically endangered to the common. We produce birds for zoos and other private aviaries. Another goal of The Pinola Conservancy is to

provide an educational resource that this web site offers. It contains thousands of photographs, live web cams and developing educational tools for the use of anyone who is as fascinated by birds as we are. It also provides just a fun online visit. We hope that you will find beauty and value here and visit often. The facility includes enclosed free-flight community aviaries, open ponds and lawns, and focused facilities aimed at the needs of certain species. Primarily producing waterfowl, we encourage each bird to reproduce and distribute our surplus to other qualified private, public and institutional aviaries and zoological parks. The aviaries contain lush natural vegetation, flowing water and ponds. A wide range of foods, nesting structures and careful species compositions assure a good quality of life for the birds that we keep. Some incubate and rear their young and we also collect eggs for care in our specialized incubation and rearing facilities, producing roughly 1000 young birds each year. Our purpose is the captive preservation and propagation of birds, not display thus the facility is closed to the public.” I am sure many things have changed once we were last there in 2013 and looking forward to visiting and seeing both Paul and Jacob once again. Paul has kindly opened his door of his beautiful facility to APWS for this visit and we have watched Jacob accomplish wonderful achievements over the years.


At Bayou Bird Farm you will see over 40 plus species and sub-species of pheasants plus other birds such as turacos, cranes, guineas, peacock pheasants, roul roul partridge, curassows, crowned pigeons, chachalacas and only crested guans left in the US plus many other birds.  Kelly is a Legend in himself, very respected and knowledgeable and has been involved in Aviculture for 60 plus years. Timothy Bora who is also very knowledgeable and a pleasure to speak with about birds at Bayou Bird Farm has taken on a huge role at the Aviary but I Kelly will never sleep nor retire! PS: The alligator is no longer alive…


*A note of how we are always somehow connected: When Paul Dickson was 8 his Dad took him to visit Kelly’s Aviary and got him his first birds.


Red River National Wildlife Refuge is made up of

several units in the Red River Valley in northwestern Louisiana and provides habitat for waterfowl, wading birds, songbirds, and other native wildlife species. The Refuge boasts a large Visitor Center, Headquarters Offices and Education Center that opened in January 2012. I am hoping for some viewing so either whooping or sandhill cranes among other birds.

**Marti Klemm – Volunteer


Please Note: This is a shorter convention as requested in the Survey that was sent out. We can add a day onto the end before I finalize the Hotel if I am contacted with more Aviary Tours within distance that I can justify the cost of the extra day transportation to the APWS Board. Suggestions are always welcome.

Accommodations: Hampton Inn Shreveport -I have a Room Block of a set amount of rooms for those who have contacted me. King and 2 Queen Rooms are $109 per night plus tax. I will update contact information for booking. Cut-off Date is October 16, 2023 for booking your room.

Registration Fee: As soon as Chartered Transportation is finalized the Registration will be set and posted.

Bring Camera, Binoculars, Light Rain Gear, Hat Good Walking Shoes and Bug Spray



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