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A Look at a Grand Tradition – the Breeder Awards


By:  Terry Smith, Former Chairperson APWS Breeder Awards


The origin of the APWS Breeder Award program can be traced back to the annual meeting of the American Pheasant Society held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 21, 1950.  Claude Hooke, A.P.S. president appointed Jean Delacour to select the recipient of the award for the outstanding breeding results for 1950.  After considering the breeding results of breeders submitted to him, he awarded the plaque for the best accomplishment to Robert  H. Gibson of St. Helena, California.   Robert H. Gibson was again recognized as the most successful and outstanding breeder in 1951.  Mr. Delacour’s citation was as follows: “Having been asked to decide who has obtained the best breeding results in 1951, I find that Mr. R. H. Gibson, St. Helena, California, has again been the most successful member of the A.P.S. during the past season having reared 2 Malay Argus, 2 White-eared Pheasants, 4 Imperial Pheasants, 30 Sonnerat’s Junglefowl, as well as a number of less rare birds…”

In 1952, J. W. Steinbeck was recognized for his achievement in game breeding.  In 1953 and 1954, Robert H. Gibson again won the award.    At the annual meeting of Information on the breeder awards was found in “APWS Fifty Year History” written by Charles Sivelle published in the December, 1986, issue of The APWS Magazine,  the American Pheasant Society and American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society information printed in Modern Game Breeding magazines, and information Harry Bryant, Elyria, Ohio,  found in The APWS Magazine, APWS Bulletins, and Modern Game Breeding from 1962-1966.

Here is a list of other winners of the achievement in game breeding awards that came to be called the Master Breeder Award in the mid-1950’s to present

Master Breeder Waterfowl Elmer Heft
Master Breeder Pheasants   Dr. D. S. Newell
Master Breeder Partridges & Doves   Jerome Buteyn

Master Breeder Partridge-like birds   Frank Shymanski
Master Breeder Waterfowl   Elmer Heft
Master Breeder Pheasants   Walter and Beth Oakie

Master Breeder Pheasants   Paul Herzog
Master Breeder Waterfowl   Jack and Violet Kirofe
Master Breeder Grouse-type birds      Cecil Barnett

Master Breeder Pheasants  Samuel Holmgren, PA
Master Breeder Waterfowl John W. Meyers
Master Breeder Upland Game Birds Elmer Heft

Master Breeder Waterfowl Kenneth Sather NA

Master Breeder Partridge-type Birds K. C. Lint, CA

Master Breeder Pheasants Oscar  G. Wallace, AL
Master Breeder Waterfowl William Lemburg,
Master Breeder Partridge-type Birds Elmer Heft, WI

Master Breeder Pheasants Dr. James O. Rumbaugh, PA
Master Breeder Quail & Partridge-type Birds  Howard Brookshire, TX
Master Breeder Waterfowl Eldon R. Pace, Nova Scotia


Master Breeder Pheasants Floyd Jones, WI
Master Breeder Quail & Partridge Peter Schlotthauer, OR
Master Breeder Waterfowl George Searles, NY

**Neither  Harry Bryant nor I could locate any information about breeder awards for 1968 through 1973.  The Bulletin stated that no awards were issued  in 1969 because the application blanks were never sent to the members.

Master Breeder Pheasants Charles Sivelle, NY
Master Breeder Quail & Partridge Richard May, NY
Master Breeder Waterfowl Michael Dam, FL

Master Breeder Pheasants Charles Sivelle, NY
Master Breeder Quail & Partridge Edward Shymanski, NJ
Master Breeder Waterfowl George Searles, NY

Master Breeder Pheasants Charles Sivelle, NY
Master Breeder Quail & Partridge Vito Bucco, MA
Master Breeder Waterfowl George Searles, NY

Master Breeder Pheasants      Jack Schuiteman, Canada
Master Breeder Quail & Partridge       Vito Bucco, MA    
Master Breeder Waterfowl     Robert Schmitt, WI         
Master Breeder Mixed Collection     Mickey Ollson, AZ
Master Breeder Quail & Partridge       Vito Bucco, MA    
Master Breeder Waterfowl     Glenn & Keith Howe, Canada
Master Breeder Mixed Collection San Diego Zoo California
Master Breeder Pheasants Dr. Michael & Mary Dam, FL
Master Breeder Waterfowl Ben Muys, Canada
Master Breeder Mixed Collection Mickey Ollson, AZ Novice Breeder Pheasants George Prince, NJ
Novice Breeder – Quail & Partridge Ernest H. Cawkwell, England
Novice Breeder Waterfowl Donald P. Cote, ME
Zoological Society Mixed Collection Frank Todd, Sea World, CA
Master Breeder Pheasants Roger Bolkaerts, Belgium
Master Breeder Quail & Partridge Ernest Cawkwell, England
Master Breeder Waterfowl Doug Goode, AL
Master Breeder Mixed Collection Dr. Jesus Estudillo, Mexico
Master Breeder Pheasants Mickey Ollson, AZ
Master Breeder Waterfowl Paul Dye, WA
Master Breeder Mixed Collection Glenn & Keith Howe, Canada

Mixed Collection Zoological Ed Asper Sea World, FL
Master Breeder Waterfowl Glenn  & Keith Howe, Canada
Master Breeder Pheasants Glenn  & Keith Howe, Canada
Master Breeder Quail Larry Clasuson, MT
Novice Breeder Pheasants Mark Sorenson, MT
1982 Novice Breeder Quail Joe Weeks, GA
Novice Breeder Terry McArdle, OH
In 1984 the Breeder Awards were revised to include the following categories:  Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Master Breeder, First Breeding, and Zoo Collections.  Awards were available in each category in the following divisions:  Pheasants, Grouse, Swans, Geese, Ducks, Grouse and Partridge, Quail, Cranes, and Mixed Collection.
Master Pheasants Charles Seville, NY
Master Pheasants Dennis Butler, CA
Master Grouse Larry Clawson, WA
Master Mixed Collection Allan Humphrey, Canada
Master Geese Eldon Pace,  Canada
Intermediate Partridge  Garrie Landry, LA
Novice Ducks  Bill Groark, NY                    
Novice Pheasants Bob Gardner, Ontario, CAN
Novice Crane Walt Sturgeon, NH                   
Novice Grouse & Partridge Steve Klan, OH
Novice  Quail  Victor Caltette, PA                    
Beginner Ducks & Geese  Jason Webb, CA
Beginner Pheasants Bob Dunn, IN
Beginner Partridge Don Stormer, IL
Beginner Grouse Larry Lockamy, MO
Beginner Breeder Quail Randy Miller, CO
Zoo Collections Mixed San Antonio Zoo, TX
Zoo Collections Ducks Sea World, Orlando, FL
Master  Quail Joe Weeks, GA
Master Swans & Ducks Orlie Weaver, OH
Master Swans & Geese Joe DeSarro, WY
Master Pheasants Roger Balkaerts, Belgium
Master Mixed Keith & Glenn Howe, Ontario
Novice Pheasants Marsh Barton, Ontario, CA
Novice Geese Jim Helmeric, AK
Novice Grouse Larry Lockamy, MO
Novice Mixed Collection Gary Grossman & Gretchen, PA
Beginner Pheasants Ron Brown, Ontario, Canada
Beginner Pheasants Clifford Boteilo, HA
Master Pheasant Randy Buckentin, MN
Master Grouse Larry Clawson, WA
Intermediate Pheasants Bob Gardner, Ontario, Canada
Intermediate Cranes Walt Sturgeon, NH
Intermediate Grouse Larry Lockamy, MO
Novice Pheasants Paul Maywald, MA
Novice Grouse Brian Hart, Manitoba  Canada
Beginner Pheasants Lloyd Fair, Ontario, Canada
Beginner Mixed Collection Phillip Letterman, Sr., AL
Beginner Quail Mark Rosen, CO
Beginner Mixed Collection Simon LaPlante, Canada
Master Grouse Manfred Laub, Surrey, BC CA
Intermediate Grouse Bill Ming, London, Ontario, CA
Intermediate Grouse Judi Rivard, AK
Intermediate Pheasants Ron Brown, Ontario, Canada
Intermediate Pheasants Mavin Everhart MN
Intermediate Pheasants Lloyd Fair, Ontario, Canada
Novice Pheasants Ken R. Smith, Ontario, Canada
Beginner Mixed Mark Frostrom, Jr., MD    
Beginner Pheasants Earl Sandefur, TX
Beginner Mixed Collection Mark Hagen, Ontario, Canada
Beginner Pheasants  Jim & Wilma Slater, BC Canada
Beginner Pheasants  Andre A. Marigiand, Brazil
Zoo Collection Mixed Collection  Dakota Zoo c/o Terry Lincoln
 Zoo Collection Crane Int. Crane Found.,  Scott  Swenge
First Breeding Hazel Grouse Bill Ming, Ontario, Canada
First Breeding Hazel Grouse Larry Clawson, WA
First Breeding Old Squaw Glenn Howe, Ontario, Canada
First Breeding Rock Ptarmigan Larry Clawson, WA
Master Mixed Collection Robert & Mary Popple, WI
Master Grouse Larry Lockamy, MO
Master Pheasants Manuel T. Ramos, Spain
Intermediate Pheasants John Klea, CA
Intermediate Pheasants Carl Lorenzen, Ontario, Canada
Intermediate Geese Mark Cutler, WA
Beginner Pheasants Stanley Zydel, NY
Beginner Pheasants Steven Lynn Mullins, TN
Beginner Ducks F. H. Taylor, Jr.,  OK
Beginner Pheasant Joseph Beandetter, NY
First Breeding White-tailed Ptarmigan Ken & Judi Rivard, AK
Master Grouse Judi Rivard, AK
Intermediate Crane Jerry Korn, ID
Intermediate Mixed Collection Jerry Korn, ID
Novice Ducks Roger Cattermole, England
Novice Grouse David Lindblom, MN
Beginner Pheasants Albert Woodberry, NC
Beginner Mixed Collection George Anderson, OK
1989 Beginner Mixed Collection Leslie Niehaus, OH
Outstanding Achievement Pheasants Paul Kao, CA
Outstanding  Achievement Pheasants Bob Gardner, Ontario, Canada
Master Pheasants Hartley Boss, OH
Intermediate Pheasants Jim & Wilma Slater, BC Canada
Intermediate Quail Steve W. Klan, OH
Intermediate Ducks Roger H. Cattermole, England
Novice Pheasants Steven LaCroix, NY
Novice Mixed Collection George Zalepa, PA
Beginners Swans Dan Statz, WI
Beginners Geese Rosemary Miner, NY
Beginners Mixed Collection Harold Hesler, NY
Intermediate Pheasants  Paul Kao, CA
Intermediate Mixed Collection  Harry J. Hardy, BC Canada
Intermediate Geese  Rosemary Miner, NY
Novice Grouse  David Hancock, BC Canada
Novice Pheasants  Mark Geltink, Ontario Canada
Novice Pheasants  Larry Dishaw, Sr., NY
Novice Partridge   Rene Franek, Czechoslovakia
Beginner Ducks & Geese Arthur Vanderhorst, BC Canada
Outstanding Achievement  Pheasants Paul Maywald, MA
Master Mixed Collection Harry J. Hardy, BC Canada
Master Pheasants Carl Lorenzen, Ontario, Canada
Intermediate Grouse Stan Lukasik, IN
Intermediate Pheasants Al Cuming,  GA
Novice Pheasants Bart N. Harrell, FL
Novice Pheasants Marie & Dean Schlief, VA
Novice Quail Hetty & Jim Hird, Ontario CA
Beginner Ducks James B. Steele, NC
Beginner Pheasants Martin S. Hale, NY
Master Mixed Collection Jerry & Susan Korn, ID
Master Pheasants Jim & Wilma Slater, BC Canada
Master Capercaillie Grouse Manfred Laub, BC Canada
Master Gr. Prairie Chicken Manfred Laub, BC Canada
Master Pheasants Paul Kao, CA
Intermediate Mixed Collection Alan Hill, Ontario Canada
Intermediate Ducks James B. Steel, NC
Beginner Pheasants Dann Dunst, CA
Beginner Pheasants Ricky W. Wright, Sr., TX
Beginner Rhea Tony Morales, NC
Beginner Ducks Tyler Lebens, MN

Master Mixed Collection Jim C. Hawley, Jr., AZ
Master Swans & Geese Elmer E. Peters, WI
Novice Mixed Collection LaDonna R. Lickteig, KS
Beginner Waterfowl Clark Mace, KS
Master Mixed Collection Mike & Ali Lubbock,  NC
Intermediate Pheasants Jeff & Jayson Henrich, Canada



No awards were given.

No awards were given.
Intermediate Ducks Donald R. Steurer, IN
Master Pheasants Kelly McMullan, LA
Master Pheasants Louis J. Bougie, WI
Intermediate Ducks Arnold Schouten, WA
Intermediate Ducks  Robin & Bobby Tysinger, NC
First Breeding – Jerong Bird Park, Singapore  12-Wired Bird of Paradise Mee  Mee, Curator               
Master Ducks Donald R. Steurer, IN
Master Peafowl  Dennis Erdman,  PA
Master Quail  Jack Lutes, CO
Intermediate  Mixed Collection Mark Rosen, CO
Master Peafowl Brad Legg, MO
Intermediate Mixed Collection Jim Bleurer, WI
Intermediate Mixed Collection LaDonna Lickteig, KS
Intermediate Quail & Partridge Scott Skalven, WI
Novice Ducks Nicole Battista, CT
Master Pheasants Roy S. Bouck, UT
Master Ducks Willard L. Henson, MN
Master Ducks Mike & Ali Lubbock, NC
Intermediate Pheasants Allan Wautier, WI
Intermediate Mixed Collection Noel & Patricia Hendrikx, Belgium
Intermediate Mixed Collection John Smith, KS
Novice Pheasants Dave Merkel, TX
Intermediate Mixed Collection Rickey Jones, TN
Intermediate Mixed Collection Thomas Routh, KS
Master Breeder Ducks   Arnold Schouten, WA
Intermediate Breeder Ducks   Bill Branch, KY
Beginner Breeder  Ducks Richard Wills, IN
Master Breeder  Mixed Collection  Al Novosad, TX
Master Breeder  Mixed Collection Bernie Jager, MI
2007  Master Breeder  Pheasants Pat Penner, MB, Canada
Master Breeder  Geese  Ian Gereg, Avian Director, CT  Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Society,
Intermediate Breeder Ducks John Bunch, Jr. KY
Master Breeder – Mixed Collection Richard Schock, NC
Intermediate Breeder Pheasants Bill Morrison, CA
Novice Breeder  Waterfowl Lori Cossell, PA


Master Breeder Pheasants Don Butler, NC
Master Breeder Mixed Collection Bo McLamb,  NC
Master Breeder Pheasants Kurt Landing, OH
Zoological Collection Swans Bramble Park Zoo, SD

Novice Breeder Ducks  Nick Tiberio, NY
Beginner Breeder Mixed Collection Rob Laubner, IN
Intermediate Breeder Ducks  Frank Kunnumpurath, NY
Intermediate Breeder Mixed Collection  Lloyd Cheek, IN
Intermediate Breeder Mixed Collection Peter Nardi, MA 
Intermediate Breeder Mixed Collection Pinola Preserve, LA Paul Dickerson Owner and               Jacob Kraemer Curator
Master Breeder Mixed Collection Staurt Denton, Palm City, FL
Master Breeder Mixed Collection Pinola Preserve, LA Paul Dickerson Owner Jacob Kraemer Curator
Intermediate Breeder Mixed Colection Rob Laubner, In
Intermediate Mixed Collection Blake Rossow, MN









Master Breeder Award – James Kotterman, IN

Mixed Collection – Logan Connor, Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy

Mixed Collection -Jacob Kraemer, Pinola Conservancy

Intermediate Breeder Award Geese – Clyde Robinson, NY




An update will be added as we get more information. If we have missed a Breeder Award and you do not see it listed please contact us and let us know the details. Thank you.