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2021 Third Place APWS Photo Contest

Grey Peacock Pheasant (Polyplectron bicalcaratum)  – Submitted By: Anonymous



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Notice to breeders purchasing or advertising endangered species which require a permit

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USFWS, Office of Management Authority

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Classified Advertising For Sale


For Sale: California, Silver California, Gambel. Bluescale, Mexican Speckled, White, Silver, Orange, Snowflake, Butler, Tennessee Red, Mahogany Barred, Gray Barred, Bobwhite Quail. Jumbo Brown Coturnix, Albino and Silver Chukar, Silver and Rock Philby, Harlequin, Hungarian and bi-color/blonde Hungarian and Barbary Partridge. Jim-my Furr, 8851 Rock Hole Road, Stanfield, NC 28163 PH: 704-351-5654 Email:

For Sale: Trumpeter Swans. Paul Yoder 5650 TR605 Millersburg, OH 44654 PH: 330-674-5618

For Sale: Palawan Peacock Pheasants. 8 y/o proven breeding pair $1000. 4 y/o breeding pair $800. Mandarin ducks $120 a pair. Gene Goss, St. Cloud, Florida            PH: (321) 246-6208


For Sale: Amherst, Edwards, Grey Junglefowl, Golden, Yellow Golden, Palawan and Mandarin Ducks Al Novosad, Texas PH: 979-836-8991


For Sale: 2022 hatched: Good quality Goldens, $50 each. Grey Pea-cocks, $150 male, $200 female. Green Peafowl (Pavo Muticus Muti-cus) Breeder Male $350 each.
Please text or call to 818-512-2750, Paul Kao 8353 Melvin Ave. Northridge CA 91324 (Los Angeles area). Email :

For Sale: Pheasants 2022 Hatch Temminicks, Humes, Elliots, Ijima Copper, Swinhoe, Peach, Amherst, Golden, Dark Throated, Yellow Golden. Marvin D Miller, 7955 TR 565, Holmesville, OH 44633 PH: 330 -763-4591

For Sale: 2022 Hatch. European Widgeons, Mandarins, Shoveler, Baikal Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Wood Ducks, NA Pintail and more. Evenings Are the Best Time To Call! Paul Grunska, 9035 N. Pioneer, WI 54956 PH: 920-915-2547


For Sale: 2022 Hatch Kenya Crested Guineafowl, $1500/pair plus box & shipping. DNA sexed. Will trade for Cabot’s, Crowned Crand or Rainbow Lorikeets. Joel Rogers Germantown, North Carolina. PH: 336-306 -0633

For Sale: PHEASANT ENTHUSIASTS, Check this out. Swinhoe, El-liots, and Blue Eared. Woodside Aviary, James Kotterman, Peru, Indiana. “GIVE ME A CALL WE’LL TALK ABOUT THE BIRDS” PH: (765) 985-2805


Classified Advertising Wanted

Wanted: Black Neck Swans. All ages. Cash Paid. Isaac Mass, Texas. PH: 830-992-9696


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American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society current year | Website Designed by Fresh Look Web Design