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Notice to breeders purchasing or advertising endangered species which require a permit

The offer for sale of endangered species or wildlife is contingent upon receipt by the purchaser (or seller, in the case of exports) of a permit issued by:

USFWS, Office of Management Authority

4401 N. Fairfax Dr, Room 432

Arlington, VA 22203

Please Note: Expiration of Classifieds are listed by Issue Not Month

There are 7 Issues Per Year

Deadline Dates for Classifieds  

Issue 1 (Jan/Feb)- December 1st
Issue 2 (Mar/Apr)– February 1st
Issue 3 (May/Jun)– April 1st
Issue 4 (Membership Directory) – May 1st
Issue 5 (Jul/Aug)-June 1st
Issue 6 (Sep/Oct)–August 1st
Issue 7 (Nov/Dec)– October 1st  


Classified Advertising For Sale


For Sale: 2020 Hatch Geese- Emperor, Snow, Tule, Red Breasted. Ducks- Bufflehead, Smew, Hooded Mandarin, Baikal + Cinnamon Teal Wood Ducks. Maynard Axelson, Mount Vernon WA, PH: 360-202-0415 Call, text or email

For Sale: Pheasant eggs: Goldens in Red and Yellow, Reeves, Temminicks Tragopans and Edwards. Barbary Partridge, and India Red Junglefowl. Will also have birds available in the fall, including the Peach golden. Mary Chevalier PH: 906-863-9838 or email

For Sale: Goslings from the following: Giant Canada, Cacklers and Duskies. Darrel Ray, Preston, MN PH: 507-765-3357 (EVENING CALLS BEST)


For Sale: Amherst, Edwards, Grey Jungle Fowl, Golden, Yellow Golden, Greater Curassows, Marble Teal and Mandarin Ducks. Al Novosad, Texas PH: 979-836-8991


For Sale: Pricing is per young bird- Palawans $300, Grey PP $150, Germaines PP $150, Rothchild PP $250, Malay PP $1,000, Bronzetailes PP @225, Argus $750, Roul Roul Partridge $200, Muticus Muticus $400, Muticus Imperator $400, Malay Crested Fireback $225, Bornean Crested Fireback $250, Siamese Fireback $150, Edwards $100, Green Junglefowl $250, Greater Curassow $400, Helmeted Curassow $400. Please visit our website for availability. Stan Ivanjesku, Duette FL PH: 941-357-0321


For Sale: Amherst, Edwards, Grey Jungle Fowl, Golden, Yellow Golden and Mandarin Ducks Al Novosad, Texas 979-836-8991


Classified Advertising Wanted


Wanted: Seeking Issues for my collections. Gamebird Gazette all of year 1952. Modern Game Breeding all of 1963, January – October 1964, December 1969, most of 1970, all of 1971-1975 if they exist, March 1977, November 1978. Call or email if there are any of these you will part with. Randall Mann PH: 715-926-5919

Wanted: Salmon Golden Pheasant Pair or Hatching Eggs. Larry Masters, 7495 Stillman Valley Rd. Rockford, IL 61109
PH: 630-247-7798 Email: