For more information on the Scholarship/Grant Program please contact:

Cathy Goss, Scholarship Committee Chair,

August 1st  is the application deadline

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scholarship grant application 2024

 The Charles Sivelle Scholarship/Grant Program

Lifetime Director Bruce Bergbom proposed a scholarship program and agreed to work up a proposal to present to the APWS Board of Directors in 1989. He announced the American Pheasant and Waterfowl Scholarship/Grant Program in the January-February, 1992, issue of the APWS Magazine. The program was open to all individuals interested in pursuing studies in Aviculture or a closely related biological field. The amount of the scholarship/grant is decided yearly by the Board of Directors and is based on available funds. Funding for scholarships and grants is raised by participation in the Scholarship Drawing, donations to the annual Auction held during the convention and donations by members. Four scholarships for students were awarded in 1992. The name of the program was changed to the Charles Sivelle Scholarship/Grant Program in 1994. Since its inception, over 33 students have been awarded grants.

The APWS Scholarship Committee selects the recipients based on the information provided on the application and the support material submitted by the applicant.

Applications must be submitted to the APWS Scholarship Chairperson postmarked no later than August 1, 2021, in order that the applications may be reviewed by the Board of Directors at their Annual Board Meeting. The Present Chair is Cathy Goss. Her Contact information along with an Application to download is located on the bottom of this page.


Have an interest in pursing study in aviculture or an aviculture-related field.

Attach to the application, proof of enrollment in the program of study.

Explain your financial need.

Attach to the application a copy of your school transcript including GPA, copy of SAT scores.

Furnish the committee with at least 2 references. (letters of recommendation may be attached to the application)

List memberships in organizations, outside activities, etc.

Write a letter of introduction explaining how the scholarship will be used. Attach any explanatory or support material.

If selected for a scholarship/grant, the recipient must write a mandatory article for publication in the APWS Magazine about the field of study, etc.

Funds awarded by the Board of Directors of the American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society will be given in two checks. The first half will be mailed in January following the applicant’s being selected for a grant. The second half will be mailed following submission of the required article to the editor of the APWS Magazine.

The following is a list of Scholarship/Grand Recipients:

  • 2023 Clayton Botkin
  • 2021 Julia Grzywacz
  • 2020 Joseph Nikko Corti
  • 2019 No Applications
  • 2018 No Applications
  • 2017 Jay A.VonBank, Matthew Sim and Autumn Watkinson
  • 2016 Rachel Johnson and Logan Connor
  • 2015 No Applications
  • 2014 Samantha Bucco and Thomas Martin
  • 2013 Thomas Martin and Rebecca Saucerman
  • 2012 Michele Goodman
  • 2011 No Applications
  • 2010 Edward Hanlon, Rebecca Saucerman, and Holly Herdman
  • 2009 Ian Gereg
  • 2007 Krissy Bush and Ashleigh Brauer
  • 2006 No Applications
  • 2005 No Applications
  • 2004 Clayton Botkin
  • 2003 Krista Bush and Ian Gereg
  • 2002 Heather Gates, Jeffrey Thomson, and Ian Gereg
  • 2001 Nicole Newton
  • 2000 Andrew Tanner and Ian Gereg
  • 1999 Brian Shamblin and a grant to the Torrent Duck Project
  • 1998 Brian Shamblin and Brent Lubbock
  • 1992 James Bland, Eric Lovell, Rebecca Rogers, and Jeff Sailer